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10 Reasons Why We Love Stand Up Paddle Boarding

sunrise sup

1. Fun in the Sun – Stand up Paddle boarding can only be described as great fun, especially for those people who love being on the water. That’s why it’s the fastest growing sport on the planet.

2. Anyone Can SUP – People of all ages are trying it, loving it and including stand up paddle boarding in their recreation and exercise routines.

Many surfers are converting to SUP surfing because they have the ability to catch more waves in a set, as well as offering a better view of incoming sets.

3. You Get to Walk on Water – Now who wouldn't want to walk on water if given the opportunity? Just so cool! SUP gives everyone a perspective they thought they might never have. Awesome sensation.

4. Exercise and Fitness – Stand Up Paddle Boarding is great exercise. It strengthens the core abdominal muscles as well as arms, legs and all the muscles of the back . Many people are using stand up paddle boarding as a platform to practice Pilates exercise and yoga on the water. Any way you try it, SUP’ing has great fitness value.

5. Take it to Any Level – Stand Up Paddle Board is a sport that can be taken to any level. Paddle for recreation and use it as a chance to explore and enjoy nature or get into a highly competitive and aggressive sport with fierce racing and surfing competitions. There is something for everyone when it comes to SUP.

6. SUP Anywhere – Stand Up Paddle Boarding is versatile and can be done anywhere you find safe water. You can SUP on lakes, rivers, ocean, bays, and harbors. If the surf is flat it doesn't mean you can’t have an adventure.

7. Family Time Together – Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great way to share fun as a family. Mom, Dad and the kids can easily master SUP’ing. You can even bring your dog along for the ride. Note to parents- your children will actually communicate with you on a board!!

8. Social Time With Friends – Once you learn how to SUP you’ll soon find that it is even more fun to paddle with friends. It’s effortless to paddle along side your buddy and just chat away.

9. Gets You Out In Nature – Stand Up Paddle Boarding puts you right out there to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature. With the water under your feet you’ll find that you have the perfect viewpoint to observe amazing creatures swimming and moving about below you. You’ll be able to see birds in action, witness a serene sunrise, paddle through mist, or marvel at a breathtaking sunset. Whether you are on a solo, family, or social paddle Stand Up Paddle boarding connects you with your natural surroundings.

10. A Little Zen in a Crazy World – Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a healthy activity to recreate and recharge yourself. It puts you in the moment and provides the opportunity to reflect on the values and realities that are often missed in the activities of daily life. Gliding across the water gives you a sense of freedom and inspiration. 

sup toronto beachesSUPitis

Obviously we know what "SUP” is, and the suffix “-itis” is defined as inflammation. Essentially, once you attempt to SUP, your body, mind and spirit is inflamed with an innate need to do more and more and more.

You brain screams for the euphoric high of The Disease That Only Effects Stand Up Paddlers To understand further, here are symptoms related to “SUP-itis”:

1. A constant craving to paddle

2. Persistent daydreams about paddling and places to paddle

3. Night visions and dreams about paddling

4. Trouble concentrating due to the mind so absorbed with all things SUP

5. Obsessive compulsive behaviors about saving money for a SUP

6. Dominating conversations with friends all about your recent SUP experience

7. Reliving your first SUP experience over and over in your brain

8. Unfulfilled by normal daily tasks that don’t measure up to SUP

9. Anxiety caused by going more than 2-3 days without paddling

10. Insomnia and sleepless nights waiting for morning so you can paddle

11. Depression setting in when going more than several months without paddling

12. Low vitamin D from limited outdoor sun exposure on a SUP The sad fact is that many individuals let their “SUP-itis” go untreated. While they would love to purchase their own board, or attend the weekly tours and classes, life and finances sometimes can get in the way. However, you should know that if it is left untreated, it can have very negative effects on your life and your daily habits.

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