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Lessons Are Available 7 Days A Week 

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Monday to Friday: 2pm and 6pm

Weekends: 9 am and 11am

Bookings: Please book and pay for your lessons, classes, activities and rentals online. You will be emailed your booking confirmation.

* If you are over 240 lbs let us know in advance so we can provide an adequate board for you.

* If you need to reschedule, we'll need 12 hours notice. We do not refund. We only reschedule.
In the case of poor or unpredictable weather conditions, we will reschedule you time.

Lessons * Classes * Activities * Rentals

Here are our lessons, classes, activities and rentals.

We also offer Corporate Team Building Events as well as Birthday Parties, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties on the water too!

Private SUP Lessons

Totally Private - Your I hour private lesson cost is $80 and includes all your equipment, life jacket and your own instructor. More about Private SUP Lessons...

Semi-Private - Our semi-private Lessons are for 2 people and costs $100 ($50 per person). You receive a qualified instructor, life jacket and all your equipment is included. By the end of the lesson you should feel quite comfortable to go out on your own. More about Semi-Private Lessons...

2. Group SUP Classes

Small Groups
- 1 hour SUP lesson cost $40. You are in a small group up to a maximum of 8 people. You receive 1 hour of instructions, 5-10 minutes on land and the remainder on the water with a qualified instructor and all the equipment included. More about Small Group SUP Classes...

Large Groups - 1 hour SUP lessons for a party or a large group cost $40. You are in a group of 6 to 15 people. This booking needs to be arranged in advance. Your group receives 1 hour of instructions, 5-10 minutes on land and the remainder on the water, with a qualified instructor and all your equipment is included. More about Large Group SUP Classes...

3. Sunrise & Subset Paddle Boarding

Start off your day with a sunrise paddle boarding experience. We leave at 7 am (times may vary). We are out for 1 hour and the cost is $30. You are accompanied by an instructor and all your equipment is included. Please note, this is not a lesson, it's an experience! More about Sunrise Paddle Boarding...

4. Sunset Paddle Boarding

Finish off your with a sunset paddle board. We leave at 7:30 pm (times may vary) and we are out for 1 hour. The cost is $30. You are accompanied by instructor and all your equipment is included. Please note, this is not a lesson, it's an experience! More about Sunset Paddle Boarding...

5. SUP Fluid Yoga

Take your Yoga practice out on the water with our 1 hour Fluid Yoga class for $30. The water is your studio and the board is your mat. Class is a vinyasa class ending with a meditation. More about SUP Fluid Yoga...
6. Boot Camp Boarding 

Your Boot Camp is 1 hour of high energy and the cost is $30. This is a great way to add a little change to your workout and while taking in the beauty of the water around you. Your workout is on both the land and water. Yes... you may get wet!!  More about Board Boot Camp...

7. Rent Boards & Kayaks

You need previous experience to rent our boards or kayaks. You also need to be 18 years of age or older. More about renting our Boards & Kayaks...

8 Family Time

Take a lesson, rent a board and paddle with your family! Here' more..

9. Pet Paddling

Take a lesson, rent a board and paddle with your pet! Here' more..

What You Need To Know

wsup paddle board containerArrival Time 

Arrive at least 15 minutes ahead to time. Look for our large paddle board container.

For security, while out paddle boarding, we can keep your contents in our paddle board container.

What To Wear

Bring whatever you feel you need to be comfortable in. Here are some suggestions; bathing suit, fitness attire, jacket, change of clothes, towel, sun screen, hat, and cheap sun glasses. Remember... you may get wet!

What To Bring

You may wish to bring sunscreen and a plastic bag or phone case if you are taking your phone on the board.

What You Get

We provide your paddle board, paddle and life jacket ready for you. 
If you bring your own paddle board there is no discount on the price of the lesson, class or activity.


If you wish to paddle with your pet, you need to bring your own life jacket for them.


We can predict that you'll love paddle boarding but we can't predict the weather.

If the wind and waves are high, your booking will be postponed and we'll reschedule you. If we feel conditions are not safe for SUP we will cancel within 2 hours of the lesson. Even if it's sunny and warm the lake conditions may not safe. Trust us, we know what we are doing! WSUP Toronto always reschedules. There are no refunds.


WSUP Paddle Boarding 
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We are located at 77 Kew Beach Ave, Toronto, ON M4L 1B8


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