What's Up At WSUP Toronto

gurdrun wsup paddle boardingWe Walk On Water!

Now You Get to Walk on Water Too!

Why wouldn't you want to walk on water given the opportunity? It's just so cool! SUP gives you a perspective you may have never had. It's an awesome sensation.

We have lots of classes, events and fun for you this summer! Check it out to the right.

I'm Gudrun Hardes, owner of WSUP, and I can say that stand up Paddle boarding is a lot of fun, especially if you love being on the water. That’s why it’s the fastest growing sport on the planet.

A Little Zen in a Crazy World – Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a healthy activity to recreate and recharge yourself. It puts you in the moment and provides the opportunity to reflect on the values and realities that are often missed in the activities of daily life. Gliding across the water gives you a sense of freedom and inspiration. Check out our SUP Yoga Classes!

Social Time With Friends – Once you learn how to SUP you’ll soon find that it is even more fun to paddle with friends. It’s effortless to paddle along side your buddy and just chat away. You'll love our Sunset Social!

SUP Anywhere – Stand Up Paddle Boarding is versatile and can be done anywhere you find safe water. You can SUP on lakes, rivers, ocean, bays, and harbors. If the surf is flat it doesn't mean you can’t have an adventure. Don't let not having a board stop you, Rent One From Us! 

The Joy Of Paddle Boarding